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Full Reading Example



Miss C   DOB: XX/XX/19XX, Time of Birth: 16:30; Place of Birth: Sydney.



In General

(Tian-Tong and Tai-Yin at Zi at Life Palace on your Zi-Wei-Dou-Shu chart) ------ Although no shortage of peach in your life, you will easy to have some emotional distress. Don't start your own business at anytime and you will reach a good management position in your career.

Your Wealth

  • In general: (Life Wealth Palace Hua-ji to the internal Palace, plus Wu-Qu & Tan-Lang joins together on ZWDS chart) ------ You have very good fortune on money making and will get very rich during 36-45 years age.

  • For the decade of 26-35: (Decade Wealth Palace Hua-ji clash to Life Property Palace on ZWDS chart) ------ Your money luck is average during this ten years, so don’t set up a very high money making goal to avoid the dissatisfaction.

  • (Life & Decade Wealth Palace Hua-ji to the internal palaces) ------ You will make top $$$ between 36-45 from your career, but the Chart shows that you also spent a lot. You need to strengthen financial management skill all the time.

  • For the decade of 46-55: (Decade Wealth Palace Hua-ji to the internal Palace, and Decade Wealth Palace Hua-lu to the Life Parent Palace) ------ The wealth fortune is still good for this decade, and the money is from your parents.

  • For the decade of 56-65: (Decade Wealth Palace Hua-ji clash to Life Property Palace on ZWDS chart) ------ Don’t do any investment in this decade, keep your money in a safe place.

Your Career

  • In general: (Tian-Ji Hua-Lu & Tian-Liang Hua-Quan at Life Career Palace) ------ Very good inborn career luck from your Chart. Good management position and good money making opportunities from the career.

  • The following industry will suit you best: Medical, Education/Academic & Religion etc.

  • For the decade of 26-35: (Decade Career Palace Hua-Lu into Life Career Palace with Self Hua-Quan) ------ You will have a smooth development in your career.

  • For the decade of 36-45: (Decade Career Palace Self Hua-Ji) ------ You will have an up and down experience in your career although you could make very good money in the end.

  • For the decade of 46-55: (Decade Career Palace Self Hua-Ji again) ------ In similar situations of last decade, you will have an up and down experience in your career. Your wealth fortune is still good but not as good as last decade.

  • For the decade of 46-55: Very smooth development of your career although the luck on wealth is down a little bit.

  • The lucky color for your career development: Dark Purple & Yellow. (Could be used for the dress color at interview or at work place.)


  • Although no shortage of peach in your life, you will easy to have some emotional distress ------ as mentioned above.

  • (Life Spouse Palace empty) ------ You do need to go through a few love relationships before get married. And also, your Mr. Right doesn’t express himself much, so you need to make first move on him sometimes .

  • (Life Spouse Palace clash to Life Property Palace) ------ You’d better to get married in your late 20’s. Your marriage would be broken easily if you get married early. The support from spirituality and religion would help you a lot for the love & marriage relationships.

  • (Life Spouse Palace Self Hua-Quan to the opposite Palace) ------ The Character of your Mr. Right: Competent and strong character, and will have quarrel with you sometimes. For a long lasting marriage, you need to be patient with each other. And also, you will meet your Mr. Right at the work related place.

  • Your Mr. Right would be 4-5 years older than you ------ according to your Chart.

  • When to meet your Mr. Right? ------ (Decade Children Palace Hua-Lu & Quan into Life Palace with Self Hua-Quan)------ you will meet your Mr. Right in March or September year 20xx.

  • When to get married? ------You will get married in year 20xx for sure. Please don’t delay, otherwise it will be easy for your Mr. Right go somewhere else if you take too long for your decision.

  • The lucky color for your love & Marriage relationships: Silver & White. (Could be used for the underwear color).

Your Health

  • (Life Health Palace Self Hua-Ji to the opposite Palace)------ your health was a bit weak between 6-15 years of age.

  • Everything will be ok now till the end of 55 years old.

  • (Decade Health Palace Hua-Ji plus Self Hua-Quan)------  you will have some health problems during 56-65 years old. You need to do the medical checks more often and your health condition will get better for 66-75 decade.


Q&A Session:

1. Do I always have to work very work to succeed in work?

Yes, you are. We do have the lucky and unlucky times in our life. When lucky, hard work can bring us more positive results; when unlucky, hard work also can improve luck towards the positive direction.


2. Do you foresee --- will be good for me to change job or should I just continue with current job?

You should continue with current job till xx years old. Things will getting worse if you change job now.


3. May I ask the profession of my Mr. Right? Is my Mr. Right someone who is capable in making money and able to take care of me (emotionally and financially)?

The possible profession of your Mr. Right: Education, Medical & Financial. And yes for his money make abilities. He will take good care of you.


4. Do you think that I would get married for sure? Will my marriage blissful, both parties happy and satisfied?

100% sure. More than 50% of my reading for last 10 years was focus on the love/marriage. I read so many charts and I am sure that you would get married.  And your marriage will be reasonable good.


5. Do I need to work after marriage?

I strong suggest that you keep working after marriage, doesn’t matter how much he can make.


6. Do you see if i will have children?

Yes, year 20xx – a baby boy, and 20xx – a baby girl.


7. Do I able to have financially comfortable life in next few years or future?

In next few years: NO; In future: YES.


8. Will I own any property in Sydney in future?

Yes, but looks like you have to wait till year 20xx for your own property.


9. About my character- If I need to change anything to be a better person, or can help in my relation and marriage.

You’d better to have some religion support to have a more peaceful life, and enjoy more.


10. Can you see if I will stay in Sydney in future or will move to other country?
Stay where you are, and don’t move. You just don’t have the luck on moving for next 20 years.


11. When do I need to have my chart read again?

At the beginning of every year, you can come over for a detail reading for what will be happened each month during the year.

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