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Introduce of Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology (Zi Wei Dou Shu) is a form of fortune-telling in Chinese culture. It remains one of the most well-respected processes for laying out "The Destiny Path".

In ancient times, Chinese Astrology was restricted to the exclusive and private consultation of the Imperial Emperors only as Chinese Astrology could provide an elaborate reading too detailed and classified. Thus, imperial astronomers used Chinese Astrology to delineate charts for the Emperor as the Emperor's destiny is bridged to and affects the destiny of his kingdom and dynasty. Chinese Astrology has been used by professional consultants and practitioners for the past 1000 years to determine one's destiny and as remedial Feng Shui strategies. Chinese Astrology has its unique feng shui philosophies and principles and is known as the “personalized feng shui”. 


aoefengshui 广明命理 澳洲算命 悉尼算命
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